"Your Legal Allies: Uniting for Success"

“Discover a dedicated legal team committed to safeguarding your rights and achieving your desired outcomes. With expertise across diverse areas of law, we are your trusted allies, ready to navigate complexities and provide unwavering support.”

"Championing Justice: Decades of Success Stories"

With more than two decades of dedicated legal practice, Social Justice Lions Advocates has adeptly navigated the complexities of the legal landscape.

Through strategic trial proceedings and skillful negotiations, they have orchestrated resolutions that have translated into substantial monetary recoveries, tallying millions of rupees, for their esteemed clientele.

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Our Major Practicing Locations

“Explore our prominent practicing locations at Law Lions Justice Advocates. From bustling urban centers to serene suburban landscapes, our legal expertise is readily available to serve your needs. Discover how our seasoned team of advocates can guide you through legal challenges with precision and dedication.”

Supreme Court of India
AFT - Armed Force Tribunal
Madras High Court
DRT Chennai
NGT- National Green Tribunal
Saidapet Court
Egmore Metropolitan Magistrate Court
Madhavaram Court
Alandur Court
Poonamallee Sub Court

Advisory Areas

Banking and Finance

Navigate the intricate realm of Banking and Finance Law with Law Lions Justice Advocates. Trust our expertise for sound legal guidance and solutions.

Commercial Law

“Empowering businesses with adept legal guidance. Law Lions Justice Advocates specialize in commercial law, ensuring your success in a complex landscape.”

Construction Law

“Building your legal foundation. Law Lions Justice Advocates excel in construction law, ensuring your projects are on solid legal ground.”

Consumer Law

“Protecting your rights as consumers. Law Lions Justice Advocates specialize in consumer law, providing expert legal assistance for your peace of mind.”

Corporate Law

“Guiding corporate success. Law Lions Justice Advocates are your partners in corporate law, offering strategic legal counsel for thriving businesses.”

Criminal Law

“Defending your rights with expertise. Law Lions Justice Advocates are skilled in criminal law, ensuring fair representation and justice.”

Employment Law

“Navigating workplace legalities. Law Lions Justice Advocates excel in employment law, safeguarding your rights in the professional arena.”

Family Law

“Guiding you through family matters. Law Lions Justice Advocates specialize in family law, offering compassionate solutions for your journey.”


“Your legal partners for success. Law Lions Justice Advocates provide seasoned attorneys with a proven track record in diverse legal fields.”

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Senior Advocate
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Ms Saranya Bai

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Mr Venkatakrishnan

Associate Advocate